Kubernetes for MLOps

Overcome the challenges and grab the opportunities Kubernetes presents to data science and engineering organizations We help with insights & get you started.


Auditing Algorithms and Adding Accountability to Automated Decision Making

What happens when you need to grow revenue or when growth stalls?

Growth Hacking programs and prescriptive analytics from machine learning will positively transform your business.

Machine Learning Powered Products

Embed Machine Learning Technology into your intelligent business applications

Ethical Algorithm Audits & Risk Assessments

New automated decision-making processes have been largely unaudited. Actually, they have been assumed to be fair and objective because of their mathematical nature. We have developed a framework for auditing algorithms, risk assessment and working with machine learning in a transparent manner.

Applied Machine Learning Solutions

Build, deploy and monitor machine learning models in the most efficient and effective system with a centralized feature store by implementing CI/CD for applied machine learning in intelligent business applications

B2B Growth

B2B sales and marketing approach is rapidly changing. We are using The SaaS Sales Model and Growth Hacking Mindset to help your B2B company grow.

Human & the Machine

We argue that it should be a partnership

“Every visible endeavour has been made to make this an amazingly simple product to use.”

~ Leo Gopal

Machine Learning Powered Products

Accelerate your business by bulding machine learning powered applications. We will help with an agile, CI/CD approach for ML-powered products for the best user experience of your new and existing products

Transparent Machine Learning

Practical Framework for ML-systems transparency audit based on recent MBA thesis by Remco Frijling, the founder of Lean Telecom Group.

The world of B2B Tech Sales is rapidly changing

Consumerization of the B2B buying process with large parts of the buying journey in self-serving, self-directing and self-education mode, digital sales skills, self-created content as the fuel of the sales process, co-managed mutual action plans and the role of seller as a helpful advisor etc


“My face is not a barcode ” 

“Is it the goal of Google and Facebook to make us as machine-readable as possible”? 

Wear a mask and be safe!