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DevOps & Machine Learning

Accelerated development doesn’t have to mean comprised quality. Adopting robust automation and measurement across development, testing, and production means an end to the iron triangle of software development. You truly can have it faster, better, and cheaper. We’ve helped teams all over the world adopt best practices in automation, measurement, and CI/CD to accelerate their product release process.

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B2B Technology Sales

Helping B2B Tech start-ups & Scale-ups to grow their business by implementing modern sales and marketing methodologies such as growth hacking, digital sales and account-based marketing. 

Transparent Machine Learning & Big Data Analytics

Based on a recent thesis for the MBA Big Data Analytics at the University of Amsterdam created a framework for adding accountability to automated decision making by doing audits on algorithms and machine learning systems

Kubernetes for MLOps

Recent survey results indicate that Kubernetes is in use at or being considered by many data driven organizations, motivated by a desire to simplify data management, drive efficient resource use, and develop and deploy effective models more quickly and consistently.